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Feature suggestion to make notifications waaaaaaaaaay less annoying (or does anyone have any custom solutions to this problem?)

(Topic created on: 11-03-2019 09:44 AM)
Galaxy S10 Series

I love the flexibility of the notification system in Android (I'm not sure how much stuff on this phone is S10 specific as I haven't used a non Samsung phone for a while). But one thing I find really, really, really annoying is that a chat app such as WhatsApp or Facebook messenger will often notify me multiple times in a row - especially if I'm in a group chat or talking to someone that likes to say one thing in multiple messages.


It would be incredibly useful if we were given an option to only allow an app to notify once in a certain timeframe (which resets once the notification is read). Ideally this could happen on a per conversation basis so if 2 different conversations have new messages, you still get 2 notifications. Either way, I thought I'd throw it out there as I know Samsung often makes its own useful customisations to Android.


I've wanted something like this for years but there's never been a decent solution for it - does anyone else have a solution for this?