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Can't update existing or install new apps S10

(Topic created on: 30-07-2020 05:46 PM)

I'm really struggling on this one, anyone having the same problem or solved this issue?


Google Play Store - Unable to install or update all apps.
Sometimes it will show pending download and it never downloads.
Sometimes it will show downloading and then freeze half way through between 20% and 80%.
No errors showing.


If i force stop google play and re-open it will sometimes download 1 pending app update. Then will freeze when it gets to another.
My Wi-Fi signal is fine.
There is plenty of spare storage space on the phone.
I've tried disabling Wi-Fi and attempting to download/update over 4G but it's no different. I've updated google play, current versions:

             Google Play Services: 20.26.14 (120400-320008519)
             Google Play Store: 21.2.12-16 [0] [PR] 323070436
             Google Services Framework: 10-6475670

I've tried uninstalling all google play updates and updating again.
I've cleared the google play and framework storage and cache.
I've cleared the galaxy phone cache by holding down vol up and bixby key.
I've tried removing my google account and samsung account, then logging back in.


As a last resort i've completed a full factory reset. I thought this fixed the problem, i updated the default google apps, then the samsung apps via the galaxy store, then at some point it all stops again. New apps won't install and existing apps won't update.


Spoke to Samsung support, was told it needs to go to the repair center. I can't be without my phone as i use it for business, so they suggested the doorstep WeFix repair. I tried to book by clicking the link in the email and they have no slots available. I called WeFix and they said they don't have availability within 7 days so i will need to go back to Samsung for an alternative option.


Galaxy S10 SM-G973F
Android Security Patch Level:1st July 2020
Not rooted

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Do you have a Samsung Experience Store or Samsung Service Centre you can visit as they tend to repair / fix in-house @Radna 


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I'm also having the same problem. I recently transferred from an iPhone am not sure ive made the right decision.
just in case it helps anyone else, after about 6 months I finally worked out what the problem was. for some unknown reason, both my virgin TiVo box and my S10 were fighting for the same IP address on my local network. depending on which one won, or connected first after a rooter reboot was the one that had internet access. I set a reserved IP address on my router for the TiVo box and all of a sudden my S10 has comes back to life!! no wonder Samsung couldn't help, they would never have looked at it from this angle.