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Bluetooth controllers don't work as they should

(Topic created on: 05-03-2021 10:25 AM)
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Galaxy S10 Series
Ever since the OS11 update bluetooth controllers don’t work as they should, the right analog stick doesn't function, the right & left triggers don't function, the left & right bumper it now acts as the pause button, when you press the X button it acts as the Y button, the Y button now acts as the left bumper button and the pause and menu buttons don't function. That applies to all games I've played that have controller compatability. I've tried the controller on my Xbox & Samsung Galaxy Tab A10 (which is still on OS10) and the controller works excatly as it should but doesn't function as it should on ANY DEVICE with OS11 but Samsung already knew that since this has been a problem since the OS11 beta that came out in SEPTEMBER 2020. Also all apps are upto date, phone is upto date, I've contacted the developers of the apps that have bluetooth controller compatability and they've confirmed the problem isn't on their end but on Samsung, so it's a good indication that the OS11 & One UI 3.0 update is the problem, one which Samsung refuse to do anything about.