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1st week problems

(Topic created on: 27-03-2019 10:38 PM)
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I've no Twitter 'tweet' sound

AR emojis of myself have vanished from the text options box, just an empty box where they used to be.

Invisishield screensaver is causing so many headaches. Really hard to get finger scan to work and palm swipe to screen shot works 1 in 10 attempts.

Worst problem is trying to switch off my 6am alarm and the fingerprint does nothing!

Lack of sounds for notifications is really poor.

They all seem the same tone just slightly different, there should have been a sounds distinctly different to make it easier to hear and remember what was just notified.

So ***** awkward to hold and use without the tip of one or more fingers accidentally opening up another app or clicking on an unwanted link, great screen design, but quite impractical. 

Live focus effects are not dramatically different to each other either.

I'm happy with the rest though 😆

Check keyboard settings for emojis. Get the liquid screen protector, it's better. You can change the display settings for the invisishield glass screen protector if you don't want to get the liquid protector. You can change to a different type for the screenshot. Home button+power button and palm-swipe is your options I do believe. You can setup Notifications sounds and volume for each app and each contact, calls and text. Check one-handed operation setting for the big screen. Its awesome for using one hand. As far as the live focus, I can't help you their because I'm still learning this awesome camera. I'm still learning all the settings. Accessibility settings and advanced features have lots of options which may help as well. I'm happy with my S10+.
Brian Menard