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Why does Samsung S8 get January security updates before the note 9

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Updates are sent out in waves dependent on the build number and serial number of the phone.


It can also depend on if the phone is branded or unbranded as Netwirks can ask Samsung to hold back on sending out an update until they've checked it won't clash with their branded handset firmware and Network Apps.


It can sometimes also depend on the country / region your in and if the phone has been bought from another country and being used in another as the owner is then dependant on the original country sending out the update.


Phones that are branded but have been unlocked to all network's are still dependant on that network's sending out the update unless a person takes steps to place a Custom Rom on the phone which I add is performed solely at the owners discretion and I take no responsibility if a person tries that.


To add I'm in the UK and I use a Note 9 which is unbranded i.e. bought directly from Samsung with the BTU csc code and am on the December Security  patch so your not alone.


I hope you get an update asap.



My advice comes from being a UK Samsung Phone User.

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