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SD card read/write error


Anyone getting this?

Happening quite often now but no issues with card on any other device..Screenshot_20180825-195038_Samsung Experience Home.jpg



I did what you suggested and immediately upon reboot, the Android file came back with today's date and time.  Will wait to see if the error keeps coming back.


How do you remove the android and device ID folders from SD card?



I had the same issue. Deleted the Android and Lost. Dir folders from the sd card rebooted and haven't had the issue since. Just go to my files and on ur external sd card there will be a folder called Android just delete it. Your system will generate a new one when you reboot. May be the Android folder from our previous phones causes some compatibility issue.


@SithLord wrote:

Removing the android, and device ID folders from the SD card then rebooting fixed the issue.

What device id folders exactly?



Just an update on this. Deleting the android folder just provided a placebo effect. It didnt really help, the error was back after a few hours. The only thing i could do is back up the data and format the sd card. Quite a few images on my sd card were corrupt. Might be worth a try if you're facing the issue though.

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I know you already found your solution, but for others that come looking, wiping the device cache fixed it for me.

Power off.

Hold Bixby & Volume up, then power.

Release when the android/samsung screen comes up

Choose "wipe device cache"

Choose "yes"

Choose "reboot your device"

I'm unsure of how to do this.
1. Can someone help?? I've been getting this error since I got my S9. I removed and replaced SD card. Reformatted it, and error was back within a few hours. Also, a few weeks ago, I suddenly lost probably 2000+ pics and videos. Can't find them anywhere. I'm devastated as there were some realllly important ones that were lost. 2. Are these 2 things related?? I'll admit, I didn't have a PC until Dec, so I have no clue how to back up my data. I'm hoping that the default settings periodically backed up my phone/files and all is not lost, but I don't even know where to begin to back everything up, where to back it up to, etc.
3. What if some things are stored on my phone or SD Card or Google Account or Gmail?
4. Can I back it all up to Cloud? 5. How?? I'm terrified to do anything to my phone because alot of this is over my head/computer literacy level and I'm terrified of losing everything.
6. Can someone puh-leeeeease help me, or am I a lost cause?
(I'm not even sure how or if I'll get notified if anyone responds. I've never been to this forum before. I just Googled exactly what the error message says and this was top recommendation. You can email me at to reach me in case I don't get notified of a response here.
TIA to anyone willing to help out this panicked, confused, computer illiterate, blonde!!!

Same problems with A50. With original Samsung microSD card, 125GB. At insert he ask for formatting. After 20 minutes the phone is restarting, asking again for formating , followed by another restart, another format ...

Just insane !

The SD card work very well in any computer !

Samsung it is a brand name already, but they just follow the path of Iphone, Nokia who abuse the consumer !


Hello I am getting the above error using a scan disc 128 gb .  Should I get a new card?  I have a Pony Elite-X micro sdxc card.  Would that work?  Thanks for any help/recommendations.  


The use of comma's sure make things easier to read.  But, I got it. Thank you.

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