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Note 9 upgrade programme


Hi all,


I was sent a link to upgrade from note 8 to note 9. I followed the link and did the application. All was accepted and deposit was taken. Then the application was cancelled by close brothers. It was not due to credit history. Has anyone else had this issue. 

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Superuser I

Hi @Yousaf99


I've not come across any posts here and elsewhere where a person has had an issue. 


I would suggest to dig out your countries contact details for your Samsung Support Teams and give them a call or go online to their chat. 


I assume if the transaction was voided the funds gated off in your Bank Account should drop back into your available balance in around 7 days. 


I hope your successful in getting your hands on a Samsung Note 9. 



It's an awesome device.  

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I had the e-mail as well and when I opened the link originally it allowed me to apply, the next day when I went to complete it said I had to wait until December. I chased with sales and there was some glitch with the email and sent incorrectly, obviously annoying as I want to get the note9 and the extra £50 off the e-mail offered.
Took me 4 phone calls to get the answer which in itself is annoying, with one call not being returned from sales. Disappointed with the service.
Samsung really don't care about their customers anymore. I got told by one of their Customer Relations staff that " Samsung aren't accountable to anyone." I've pre-ordered the Huawei Mate 20 Pro and will ditch this Note 9 when I collect it tomorrow! No more Samsung for me
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