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Note 9 S pen

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My note 9 comes up with message to connect S pen even though I do not normally remove from slit to use. This happens nearly every time I check my phone


Hi @Mukesh. When you place the S Pen back in its slot, is it clicking in place? As a troubleshooting step please try blowing into the S Pen slot to remove any potential build up of dust that may be affecting the phone's ability to recognise the device. If you're concerned and the problem persists then I recommend visiting an authorised Support Centre where an engineer can inspect your device. To fiond your nearest one please check the following link, select 'Mobile Device' and enter your post code:

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Superuser I



Can you try a soft reboot by turning the phone Off and On. 



Current Phone ~

Samsung Note 20 Ultra 5G SM-N9860_256Gb SnapDragon 865+

Samsung One Ui 2.5/ Android 10.

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