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Moisture detected note 9


Lately I've been getting moisture warning from charging my phone although I haven't been anywhere near water or rain. Only way I could charge my phone was in safe mode anyone else getting this problem I have read note 8 suffered from this problem maybe it needs further investigation.


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Over the last 2 days but looks like I've managed to sort it as the cable was faulty

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Hi there, @DarkMirc.

For how long has the phone been showing the Moisture Detected message? Water will naturally dry or evaporate from the USB charging port within approximately 1 to 2 hours. Gently shake the device and/or blow into the USB charging port to help remove water or moisture from the port. If you’re still having problems, we’ll need to inspect the phone so we can get this sorted out.

You'll be able to get this checked by popping into one of our Samsung Support Centre. You can find your closest here:



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Over the last 2 days but looks like I've managed to sort it as the cable was faulty

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I have similar problem. The message "moisture" won't away. I couldn't charging my phone. So sad. What I should to do. 

I have similar problem. The "moisture" won't go away. So, I coldn't charging my phone. I have reseted to the fabric program. But It didn't work. As the same, I make sure that there is no water inside my phone because I have never been bring my phone on water or something else. 

The issue isn't always connected to the phone coming into direct contact with water / rain but can also be temperature change where you live or from being in a packet. 


If the issue remains after soft blowing in the port and does not clear up in an hour or so then try wireless charging in the interim. 


A Samsung Service Centre or Samsung Experience Store will be able to help you further with this situation by running tests on the phone and as long as water hasn't got inside the phone thus tripping the moisture sensors they'll help under the 24 Month Manufacturing Warranty. 

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Try using a hair dryer not too hot just enough to evaporate the moisture from the port.
Also try putting the phone in safe mode by holding the power button and volume down until you see Samsung logo. Then release the power button and continue holding volume down.

Had a similar problem yesterday and today but in my case there was a contact with water. I had to clean the phone so I used small amount of water and the info about moisture appeared which is correct,m bit today when I woke up it was still there. I tried blowing, shaking it didn't help for few hours and the warning disappeared after 3 restart and blowing etc.

Remember guys that in Note water can get into the S Pen slot, when I was rejecting an ejecting the s pen there were some small water drops on the pen. Try to blow into that slot as well.

Personally I do not recommend using hair dryer while it may affect the glue which may be temperature sensitive.

The hair dryer will be fine it's not to heat the device up but just to evaporate the moisture from a distance.

I have found a better solution, after trying some of the recommended solutions, that my feeling with this moisture detections, its one of the worst things that they added to this phones.


Anyways , the solution is as follows.


I dont know why, but people forget that phone can charge if you have phone turned off completly and this will permit you to charge without that nasty detection warning.


After you see the phone charging, turn on the phone with the power button, let it boot and you will see that it will start without the warning.


I tried this already 4 times because of change of temperature and on all tries worked.


Obviously, if theres water on the USB or stylus pen area, then it may not work. Im not putting my phone on the position of getting it wet, just for the purpose if the fix works also with wet phones. 


Hope that this helps all of you, instead of doing all recommended troubleshouting, like factory reset the phone.  Crazy.

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