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Moisture Detected in Charging Port

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Recently my Samsung Galaxy Note 9 has been saying that there is water or moisture in the charging/USB-C port, when I know that there is no moisture in it. I've seen others complaining of the same thing, but here's the catch...


Since this has started happening, it has been getting worse -- it used to charge fine while the phone was off, but now it still says moisture detected even when the phone is powered off. Also, it has literally melted two of my charging cables. Literally. The phone has become so hot that it burns my fingers and causes blistering. Obviously when this happens I unplug the phone immediately, and when I do, the charging cable is always melted and physically deformed, when it never used to be. I have tried charging cables from many different manufacturers, and the same issue still occurs.


For now it does not seem to be melting any of my charging cables anymore, but it is still not charging due to some form of moisture being detected in the charging port.


I have a warranty through AT&T, but I still have to pay for the repair according to them, so I'm wondering if there is a serious issue with the phone or if there is some kind of workaround.


Thank you.

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Superuser I

Instead of engaging AT&T I would go straight to a Samsung Experience Store or Samsung Service Centre and ask them to run a diagnostic test on the phone under the 24 month manufacturing warranty.


Be aware moisture can not just occur from a body of water or rain but also due to weather conditions causing moisture inside the phone.



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