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Galaxy Note 9 with Dex Pad and USB game controller problem

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I bought Dex Pad to use it with Galaxy Note 9 mainly for gaming. I use it with a USB game controller connected.

Problem is that the input from the controller works while the screen of the phone is on. When the screen of the phone goes off the input of the controller stops also. I could not find out how to prevent the screen from not turning off and this ruins the gameplay experience.


I tried with several different game controllers connected over USB and also over Bluetooth. The problem remains on all of them. However USB mouse connected works fine even if the screen is off.


The model number of Dex Pad is EE-M5100.

Galaxy Note 9 is SM-N960F, Baseband N960FXXU2ARH7

THIS. Subbed to the community to elaborate for all future people with this issue. Mr P has a video on it -- "fix controller issues on dex".
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