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camera problem with live focus and zoom

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helo im from isreal but the costumer servise here its horrible so im trying  here 
i bought mt galaxy note 9 in isreal 2 weeks and 3 days ago 
and i noticed a problem with the camera when i put the camera in live focus mode the camera starts to vaibrate and make 
noises and the image its not focusing and it also happens in auto mode when i pass the 2.0 number in the zoom bar.
anyone may know why this is happening? 
and maybe have a solution fo me 
thank you all in advansed .


Hi @Lior-Hiti.


Are you still having the issue with your camera? Did you manage to get any support in Israel?

Hey @chrisM.

I am still having the issue 

They are offering me a fix like get it inside the labs and we will fix it but it's a new phone why after two an half weeks I need to fix my phone that's not fair 

And normally the service Samsung gives here is like ***** 

Where did you buy the phone? Have you been in touch with the retailer regarding this, @Lior-Hiti?

Yes I did 

I bought my phone in tel Aviv in a Samsung store and when I went there they told me you won't get a new phone only a fix 

In the UK we have a 30 day 'returns period', where the purchase can be returned to the store for a refund or replacement, if there are issues with it. We're not sure what the policy would be in Israel, so you would need to seek advice from our Support Team over there @Lior-Hiti.

The support team in isreal is not helping me I have talked with them several times and nothing 

They offered me a fix 

Samsung offer a repair warranty as standard therefore, although I understand that it is not ideal given your recent purchase, I recommend proceeding with the warranty repair if you're unable to arrange a refund/replacement.


Ugh...I have the same problem.   This just started... zoom makes it blurry. 


Also lots of grain spots on the screen.... noisy.   Something happened to mess up the cameras.   I bet it's software related

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Hi. I have exactly the same problem. Did you manage to establish whether it's software or hardware related?
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