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Stop one pie install forever

(Topic created on: 18-02-2019 10:48 PM)

Hi all ive seen this joke of an update on a friends phone and do not ever want that 'Fisher Price ' update ever...


Is there a way to stop it for good ? Ive got wifi off permanently and disabled the app as much as possible but do not want this regressed version on my phone or ill sell it and buy something else that is not having child like UI forced on the users.


Thanks if anyone can help

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You can elect not to download the Samsung One Ui  / Pie update if you wish @Nightbre  but it will be auto shown as an available update to you.


You can choose not to auto update via wifi.


Yes I agree some people are not overly keen on the icons but that is easily changed via a compatible or icon pack.


Personally the Night Mode was enough for me to update along with the February 19 Security Patch which is important.


A person can download the security Patch speratley away from firmware updates too.


Pie removed a couple of features I used but I'm hoping Samsung put those back or replace with something similar.



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