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Software Vs hardware

(Topic created on: 02-10-2018 01:34 PM)
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I have the Note 9 ,  I had the note 8 and Note 5. I think you get the message. I believe Samsung make some of the best hardware out there. I find their products inovative, modern and practical. There's never really any issue as far as hardware go. Software on the other hand is a totally different story. I appreciate Samsung has made great strides forward from their Touch whiz days! (Thankfully!) However I still feel slightly let down at their lack of any continuity when it comes to regular software updates. Mrle for example, I'm still on August security patch! It's October now! Now I understand it's been released to other users at the moment, but that's not me! It might sound selfish but I'm still waiting. I personally think that Samsung could do better on the software side of things and be more timely and concise? Why are we still waiting for any sign of getting android pie? Other manufacturers have embraced it. Samsung has more power and clout than any other android phone maker and in my opinion should be at the forefront  not lagging months behind. 

Come on Samsungm pull your fingers out and start investing note time to.your software side of things .You can have the best hardware in the word, but if the software isn't up to scratch there's no point in it! 

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Hey @Rich1175


I agree that Touchwizz aka Samsung Experience has come on leaps and bounds and as such to the extent of me now not using Nova Prime now. 


I agree that Firmware can be slow at being released by Samsung although as I've said in other threads I only make the decision to update mine if the new firmware brings more to the table that interests me for my own wants and needs. 


I certainly wouldn't want to affect the stability of my phone with bugs etc. 


Security patches are important and I totally agree that they should be released much more frequently. 


Other situations could be that the phone is supplied by a mobile network so they wouldn't let Samsung send out the update until they've tested it on their network to ensure no clashes exist. 


I'm on the September Security Update at present in the UK on a Samsung Note 9 bought directly from Samsung. 



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