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(Topic created on: 23-11-2020 01:56 AM)
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Hi to one and all. I hope that you, family and friends are all OK and managing through these dark times. I have been advised to post a problem I have will my mobile phone. Oh yes sorry to have been rude, my name is Geordie and I live in Morecambe in this United Kingdom.
 The problem I have is this: I have a SG Note 9 and in the notification bar it tells me a time and in a weather widget it gives me a time that is 1 hour ahead. I have gone through all my apps and widgets andi have come to learn that one of my apps is causing another app to run an hour ahead. Could anyone of u guys out there please assist me to identify the problem and and fix it. Thankyou for reading my post and hopefully I can sort my phone out. Take care and stay safe out there.
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Hi @Geordie64 


If you can trace which app is causing this then look at the preferences settings in that app and anything else in the phone in connection to dates and time zone's etc.


If necessary delete the rogue app and then see what happens.


My name is Lee and I'm in the UK too.


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