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Notification inconsistencies!

(Topic created on: 05-10-2018 09:51 AM)

Hey all  :smiling-face:

Not sure if I'm posting this in the right place but I have a Note9 so it looks like as good a place as any.

I posted a welcome thread as I've been an iPhone user for the last 10 years but made the switch to Android last week.

After a week of use I have to say, I'm very disappointed at how hit or miss the notifications are. Honestly, something I never experienced with iOS.

Sometimes I get the flashing LED, sometimes I don't.
Sometimes it chimes, sometimes it doesn't (not on silent).
Sometimes emails come up on the notification banner but no red bubble over the email app. Sometimes there is a red bubble.
Sometimes the emails disappear if I look at them on my computer first, sometimes they don't.
Sometimes I'll clear the notification from the app but it still appears in the banner.
Just an array of things I never had concerns about on iOS.

I read before buying my Note9 that Android notifications are far superior to iOS...not the case for me I'm afraid.

I don't know, maybe something I'm doing but I've checked and double-checked the settings and everything seems to be as it should.

Anyone else experience similar or am I really just doing something wrong?! :face-with-rolling-eyes:

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Hey @ven23


I've personally not had any hit and miss notifications on my N9 however I will use different email servers than you and have different signal and data strengths. 


My email is an imap option.

So if I delete the read email from my phone then it'll delete off my MAC or tablet and Visa versa. 


I'd certainly recommend re checking the preference settings in your phone, any other connected devices and into your email preferences too via a computer. 


If you have a Bricks and Mortar Samsung Experience Store where you reside they can help or try Samsung Online Chat. 


I cannot comment on the Led Notifications options as I have this turned Off.



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