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Note 9 always crashing.

(Topic created on: 24-02-2019 03:14 AM)
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Hello,ive had my note 9 for about 3 months and it always crashes and goes into an endless rebooting stage where thr samsung logo would blink for hours.

It all starts when the fingerprint sensor does not recognise my finger,so i go to setting,but settings wouod not open and the phone would freeze,and the samsung logo would blink for hours untill the battery would die.

I would then go to the recovery page and factory reset my phone and use my phone like normal until it happens again.

I have only 2 apps right now as I want to eliminate the cause of the crash,i only have phone,and whatsapp,but it still crashes,does anyone have an answer?

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Hi @Boiboisg 


Remove any Sd card and see if it stops.


I assume you haven't side loaded any apps via an apk file ?


Also i assume you haven't put a custom rom on the phone or rooted your phone ?


If your using a theme or 3rd party launcher then stop using them and go back to Samsungs stock options.


Try to Put the phone in Safe Mode which disables the downloaded apps and leaves the stock ones working and see if the crashes stops.


If they do then there's something on your phone causing it.


If it continues then back up then remove any Sd card and factory reset.


I assume the phone hasn't been dropped or the water indicators haven't been tripped ?


If this fails to remedy the problem then seek support from a Samsung Experience Store or Samsung Service Centre.



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Sounds like a faulty hardware or faulty fingerprint sensor!! Can you test the sensor input *#0*#  then click sensor tab and then test finger print sensor! Let us know if it pass or fails!


 Also there's no need to wait for battery die if you’re stuck Samsung Logo! Hold power and volume down button for about 5 seconds it will then reboot!

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