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Apps are not updating while the screen is OFF.

(Topic created on: 30-10-2019 10:39 AM)
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Galaxy Note9 Series

Problem: it does not update ALL my apps while the screen is off. Why?

Here's what happens: I click update all apps>it starts updating>it stops after 4 apps and waits for me to turn the screen on. WTF is this BS? My mom has A8 2018 and does this basic task, but mine doesn't?

Is this some kind of battery saving stupidity? It doesn't matter if my phone is at 100%, 80% or 20%. It won't update all the apps in the background and I find it frustrating.

Today I had like 18 updates and every 4 installed it waits for me to turn the screen on so it can start updating another 4 and so on.

Note 9 Exynos. God, I hate this phone so much!

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Galaxy Note9 Series

Do you have anything like the data saver feature turned On @MazukFarnas  ?


Please.go through all your relevant settings just to check.


A Samsung Experience Store  / Samsung Service Centre can run a diagnostic test on the phone.



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Galaxy Note9 Series

I had Samsung S5 - I had the same problem

Now i have a S7 Edge - I have the same problem now. 


When the screen go dark, nothing seem to happen. I can't keep unlocking the screen until all updates are complete. Ridiculous. 

FYI - I have disabled automatic updates. I only do updates manually, probably once few weeks. 

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Galaxy Note9 Series

Hi, is there any kind of solution?, or maybe to know why is the issue caused by?, please provide some information, it's inadmisible to have this kind of issue...