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Always on display screen not 9

(Topic created on: 08-11-2018 01:38 AM)
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my phone is Samsung note 9

I noticed that instead of keeping the pixels that are supposed to render black turned off my phone lights them up and in low light conditions the phone obviously gives out a faint grey colored glow with the clock. What makes it even weirder wehn i open my phone the screen behaves properly,

Screen goes totally dark in other places and when using a third party AOD app. Only seems to affect built in AOD and Night clock modes.

Uninstalling the AOD updates does not fix it.

Clearing the AOD apps data does not fix it.

Clearing the devices cache does not fix it.

A full wipe reset does not fix it.

i went to the customer service and they did't help me i bought the phone in 18-august-2018 i told them that this is a hared wear problem and they want to open up the phone and change the screen.

the idea that i bought a new note 9 from Samsung Egypt and there was a hared wear problem in it and they are insisting in fixing it not changing it to a new one.



Mostafa jameel el-ghannam




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Hi @mostes


I'm not aware of your consumer rights in Egypt so can only advise what they are in the UK. 


A person who has bought from Samsung directly has a 30 day window to have the phone swapped out for a replacement if it develops a fault. 


After that a repair has to be accepted. 


The company has 1 go at repairing and if that fails a person in the UK can then push for different options under the Consumers Rights  Act 2015. 


There are different options if a phone is under 6 mo the old or over 6 months old. 


It's the seller of the phone that we must approach so if the phone was supplied by a mobile phone network or 3rd party then its them that needs to support us and not Samsung. 


If you bought from Samsung Egypt then they need to help you.  


In the UK we have Home Insurance Contents cover that can include replacing a damaged phone and some Bank Accounts provide mobile phone cover as a perk of the account. T&C's and Excess Fee's apply. 

As I say its probably different in your country so my advice would be to look into your consumers rights as a customer. 


Unfortunately you may find that you would have to accept a new screen. 


I understand your plight due to your attached pictures !


As this is a public Community Forum I would suggest to remove your personal details. 


I wish you all the best with this situation. 





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