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third Party PPS Chargers not Allowed.

(Topic created on: 16-08-2020 05:56 PM)
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Galaxy Note20 Series
I bought 2 x Arcanite 30w PPS chargers, they worked perfectly fine for a long time But I noticed recently extended charging Periods. Even though my phone does indicate SuperFastCharging.

I Have multiple Equipment to test out both of my Chargers and the Original.

My Arcanite chargers ramp up slowly to 29watts but then dip back to Zero.

I tested this 3 different Multimeters, 3 different Cables (capable of 100w)

When I plug my phone to the Original Charger it instantly hits 25watts.

Therefore I can only Conclude a firmware upgrade has blocked Third Party Chargers.

Sorry Samsung I dont want to Pay $49.99 for a Charger. Can anyone else test this out? Would greatly appreciate more information.

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Galaxy Note20 Series

Samsung has implemented a Proprietary Power Delivery Extension (PPDE) for fast wireless charging. These proprietary extensions are not fully compatible with the newer standardized Extended Power Profile (EPP).

I'm using a quadlock QI charger which is now not fast charging,  I hoping Samsung roll out the firmwear update, otherwise I have a very expensive 'slow' charger!


Here's what Quadlock had to say on it;

Jordan (Quad Lock Support )

Mar 3, 2021, 17:47 GMT+11

Hi ther Paul

Thanks for your reply. 

Both chargers shown are the most recent model and that power supply should be sufficent to maximise the performance of the charging heads.

At this stage we are unable to provide an update regarding the fast charging issue with your current set up

As mentioned in the earlier email, this issue is not affecting all of our customers and is result of the limitations set by Samsung with the updates to thier operating system

We can suggest to keep monitoring and updating your software and hopefully they will roll back the charging restrictions with the S20. Google and Apple have implemented similar restrictions in the past however due to public backlash they updated thier software.

Below is link with some further reading.

Our product team are looking into this further for future releases of our charging head however unless Samsung update thier software we are unable to provide a resoluton for your current chargers.

Despite your orders being well outside of the 30 day return window I am happy to organise a pre-paid return label if you are still unhappy and wish to return the charging heads.

Thanks Paul, im sorry we could not help out further at this stage but please let me know if you would like to start the return process for the charging heads.

Kind Regards 

Quad Lock Support

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Galaxy Note20 Series
i KNEW IT. THOSE *****! Thank you for sharing this.