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Temp too high to use camera

(Topic created on: 24-06-2022 09:20 AM)
Galaxy Note20 Series
This is a post just to share something new to me as I've been using Samsung devices for years and just for awareness. I use a Samsung Note20 Ultra.

Yesterday was a very hot day and it was my Niece's Sports Day. I took many photos and videos but eventually the phone became extremely hot. I guess the combination of hot weather and recording gave this unique message (screenshot attached) I live in Manchester and don't have the luxury to travel to many hot places... It was kind of funny but bit disappointing that I missed some chances of good pics & vids.

I put the phone under my chair in the shade and used device maintenance widget to help the phone cool down quicker. Just be wary of this if you're in a hot area and taking a few videos and pictures of important moments... The camera just shuts down. The phone was the hottest I have ever felt too... But yesterday (23rd June 2022) was a bit of a scorcher for Manchester! 

Screenshot attached


Black Belt 
Galaxy Note20 Series
ironic given it rains almost as much in Manchester as it does here in N Wales