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[Solved] Video recordings only recording audio on the left side

(Topic created on: 02-12-2020 01:51 AM)
First Poster
Galaxy Note20 Series


Edit: I solved the issue, of course i am blind and didn't notice there was something inside the microphone hole.


I went to record something and when I played it back while it was connected to my car bluetooth speaker I noticed it was only outputting audio on the left side, so I tested it on the phone, and (while its harder to tell on the phone) the same thing happened there. So I went into pro mode, and noticed the screenshot below:


The only time the R channel goes up is if I tap loudly on my phone.

I had a similar issue with my S10+ where it the right channel would only record very low pitch audio, but I've only had this phone for a couple months and I am encountering a similar major issue. It doesn't matter whether i select omni, front, or rear.


Edit: This even occurs when using the Sound Recorder app, so is this a hardware issue?

Harsh Thakur
First Poster
Galaxy Note20 Series

How it can be solved. My device recording only right side samsung s20 it can be solved please tell me