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software updates

(Topic created on: 06-12-2020 02:20 AM)
Galaxy Note20 Series
Samsung you are not setting a good customer service why is it that you are doing away with the note 20 ultra 5g for one and the other is still no update the the latest version but you can can update the s20 ultra when you should looking after the other people and myself who have paid good money for there note 20 ultra phone and now I am told that you are going to discontinue this model next year 😡
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Galaxy Note20 Series

Right now the stories about the Note series of phone's being discontinued by Samsung is conjecture and rumours.


Some sites say they might be doing this to concentrate on the new concept of foldable phone's.


And merge the Samsung Galaxy s series with the Note series with the Note 21 being the last Note phone, but this is speculation at this stage @carlmalin 


I haven't seen anything official from Samsung.


If it does happen I hope the s-pen remains with the option to house it inside the phone as I'm not keen on carrying around a separate pen which can be lost or damaged.


So personally I'm keeping an open mind and hoping for the best.


In regards to updates which I'm meaning software updates and Security updates my N20 Ultra Snapdragon version is on the November update so that's currently the latest and it'll receive the Android 11 & Samsung One Ui 3.0 probably in January 21.


The phone will receive updates for 3 years.



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Galaxy Note20 Series
Yes, I can also echo what @BandOfBrothers have said. Samsung will provide 3 generation of OS updates for your beautiful mobile phone.

I think Samsung might need to discontinue the Note series due to cost cutting.
Galaxy Note20 Series
thank you for that information mate hope I will get update very soon and you are right I have found out since that is only speculation about phone been disconnected at the moment I am like yourself hope they keep the pen inside the the phone we will just have to wait and see most important stay safe and gave a great Xmas