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One UI 3.0

(Topic created on: 23-12-2020 11:15 PM)
Who wishes they didn't update?
Options to choose which sim to use for text or calls has gone. It's a right nightmare. 
And what the hell is with pulling notifications down covering your whole screen?
Are the developers themselves not Samsung users cause I can't understand why on earth they would do that.
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I've read that people don't like the way the new notifications shade now smoothly pulls down instead of snapping down, but not that it covers the whole screen and don't like that @SirStottalot 


I've had a look on my partners s20 which has Android 11 and Samsung One Ui 3.0 and albit it is smoother when pulling down with one finger the top portion of the shade pulls down and then pulls all the way down that does cover the screen as it did with Samsung One Ui 2.5. Or if you use two fingers the whole shape pulls down in one go.


Or that the sim card manager options has been affected negatively.


It would be interesting to hear from other members using two sim cards in their N20 to see if such options have been removed from their sim card manager options.


I've not yet updated as my phone hasn't received the update probably because its an imported Snapdragon model into the UK.


I would suggest sending this feedback direct to the Samsung Development Team via your Samsung Members App however.


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me two and the problem. much better on Ui 2.5