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Note 20 Ultra won't switch to telephoto close enough, gets stuck on main camera even when unusably blurry

(Topic created on: 24-11-2021 06:43 PM)
Galaxy Note20 Series

My Note 20 ultra used to switch to the telephoto lens at 5x zoom, now it needs to go to 10x before it switches over. I've read arguments that its because the light levels are too low for the telephoto, but I can definitely say that isn't true for the majority of my photos. I can force the telephoto on at 5x-10x by putting my finger over the main sensor, which will eventually force the camera to switch to telephoto. The image becomes much sharper and has plenty of light, objectively a better photo. The main camera at that zoom is so blurry that I don't care about how much light its getting. 

One of the main selling points of this phone was the telephoto. Now I have this zoom range between 5-10 where I can't take photos because I'm stuck on the blurry main camera. The S21 is getting a pro mode where the user can select which camera to use, at least give us that option.

Galaxy Note20 Series
Cheers for the link, hopefully this will come to the note 20 ultra or at least someone will mod it. 😀