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Note 20 ultra battery issue

(Topic created on: 11-12-2020 08:34 PM)
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Galaxy Note20 Series

I have bought this phone but I think I made a mistake. Battery is not capable for such a powerful phone. Its getting drain very fast and when I talk to Samsung store from where I bought this phone, they say its bcoz of some applications that you are using. Its like we have not used before.

Galaxy Note20 Series
Hello Tahafs. I've been looking into getting the Note 20, but luckily I haven't yet. I'm seeing battery drain is a common issue with the phones. How long does your battery last on a normal day with moderate use, and what percentage is left by the end of the day?
Galaxy Note20 Series
I use my phone everyday, only charge it when I go to bed.
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Galaxy Note20 Series

Hi @Tahafs @Lucksee 


I get a full days usage on my N20 Ultra Snapdragon version with some change left in the battery. Usually around 30 to 40%


I'll add a couple of screen shots.


I turn my phone Off at 9pm and then back on at 5am.


I use Spotify to commute to work.


NFC and Bluetooth is always on.


120hz adaptive refresh rate is On.


Dark Mode is On.


I don't use my battery saving feature.


I have a couple of apps in Deep Sleep such as the Google app's as I don't use them.


I have a couple of apps in sleep mode such as Facebook.


In my opinion I'm not going to buy a flagship phone to then have to disable features etc to save battery.


If you perform a forum search you'll come across useful threads with mine and others experiences of the N20 Ultra.


Screenshot_20201004-204506_Device care.jpg

Screenshot_20201129-192848_Device care.jpg

On a new N20 Ultra it can take a week or so for the learning mode to do it's thing and Optomise the battery.


What I've also cone to see is that the battery appears to drop pretty fast from 100% to around 94 to 90% and then it stabilises.


Now I turn Off the battery % in the status bar and just enjoy using my phone.



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