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Note 20 Ultra 5G Rebooting by Itself

(Topic created on: 24-08-2020 08:09 PM)

Has anyone else had an issue with their new Note 20 Ultra 5G constantly rebooting by itself?

Took delivery of brand new Note 20 Ultra 5G last Thursday which arrived from the Samsung store. 

Set it up and noticed that it kept rebooting when it wasn't being used. Followed Samsung self help... cleared cache partition, restarted with same issue... safe mode but still same issue... factory data reset without loading any apps and still same rebooting issue.

I can't see any other posts that refer to self reboot issues with the Note 20 Ultra 5G so maybe it's a one off, but it seems strange, straight out of the box.


Contacted support today who offered refund after a couple of frustrating hours on hold / live chat / disconnection more calls and emails. Will take the refund but would have preferred a working phone as the design is really nice. Not sure whether to chance ordering a replacement as customer service was a pretty poor experience.

First Poster

I bought mine 3.5 months ago (brand new). It already factory reset my phone twice without any warning and erase all of my data. I tried to contact Samsung support but was highly disappointed from their reaction. Basically they are not willing to do anything other than have me send a 880$ device to them for 2 weeks while they try to fix it. I am checking now what legal help I can get. I never thought that I will get such a service from a company in the size of Samsung!