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How to download updates without WiFi?

(Topic created on: 21-07-2022 10:57 PM)
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Galaxy Note20 Series
Hi. I used unlimited data for ages and had this option worked properly on galaxy s8, s9, note 10,etc. but in 2022 when using note 20 ultra, I can't download updates without WiFi. What is different now? What can I do?  Many thanks. M.
Galaxy Note20 Series
Go to Settings >>

Search for "Wifi" in the settings search bar >> tap on wifi

Tap on advanced settings then toggle on  "Switch to mobile data automatically" (use mobile data when wi-fi has no internet access.)

Enable this option.

Once enabled, swipe down from the top of the phone and turn off wifi and download the update. 
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Galaxy Note20 Series

Hi @marcinierz 


This is certainly a conundrum which is affecting quite a few owners of different phone's who also reside in different regions / countries. 

I have the Fold³ which allows me to update my phone's software over Mobile Data or Wi-Fi. [ Whichever I choose  ]

My Samsung Galaxy s²² Ultra will only update software over Wi-Fi.

It will not let me update over Mobile Data.

This has also been discussed on the forum and on other forums.

I'm in the UK with both phone's purchased direct from Samsung UK.

I've provided feedback to Samsung via the Samsung Members App.

There are some tips people give in some threads but alas none has helped so I have just resorted to waiting till I get home to update my phone's software when it becomes available. 

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