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brightness issues

(Topic created on: 19-01-2021 04:34 PM)
Auto brightness is OFF but the screen still changes brightness when I'm opening Chrome, Samsung internet, Google Map. It dims the screen while in these apps and soon as I exit, it increases the brightness back to the level it was before.
I tried: clearing cache, reseting the phone, trying different power modes.

Also it changes the brightness depending on the environment I'm in with the auto brightness off, how is this possible? 

What can cause this? 

Hi @raymon92, are you still having issues with this? Active Power Saving Mode can cause this. Please  make sure that it is off from: Settings > Device care > Battery. Also, do a Soft Reset of the phone by pressing and holding the Volume Down as well as the Power buttons for 10 seconds. 

Another possibility is that a third-party app is changing your brightness preferences. Start the phone in Safe Mode. This will disable all third-party applications temporarily, to see if they are the root cause of the issues you’re having. To do this turn your phone off, then back on, and when you spot the Samsung logo on the screen, press and hold the Volume Down button until you see displayed ‘Safe Mode’. If the issue disappears in Safe Mode, you’ll need to disable the third-party apps one by one until you find the culprit. To exit Safe Mode, simply restart the phone.


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I believe this is a built in battery saving process @raymon92 

For example I commute to work via a bus.

I pay for my travel via a travel app. My auto brightness is turned Off but when I launch the app for the bus drivers pad to read the qt code on my phone's app my phone's brightness increases.

Also I pay for my coffees on a morning and this includes getting a discount via the shops app. When I activate that app to scan at the till my screen brightness auto changes also.

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