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Absolutely Devastated....

(Topic created on: 03-09-2020 12:06 PM)

I have had one rubbish morning, this is no reflection on Samsung but a freak accident! Hopefully some of you will laugh, because in a way it is funny...(if i don't laugh I will definitely cry)


I was putting my makeup on this morning and my foundation bottle slipped out from my hand, the bottle is a glass bottle (Estee Lauder foundation) and it smashes onto the floor, I was gutted, it had gone everywhere and it cost £35 quid! what I hadn't noticed was that on the way down from falling out of my hand it must have first landed on my brand new Galaxy note 20 ultra that was on my bathroom counter and has completely smashed the screen up and also broke the LCD, so I now have no image.... devastated is not the word!


This is the first time I have gone on the Samsung upgrade programme, before hand I always purchased the phone out right and would then sell on that phone to put money toward a new upgrade when the new phone came out. Typically this would happen to the one phone that I get on an upgrade programme. I won't be getting this fixed through a third party shop as I know this would probably affect my contract and being able to upgrade in the future. I will be going through Samsung directly, I noticed on the website it has prices for repair but it doesn't seem to have the Note 20 ultra prices on there as yet, I am assuming this is because the phone is so new. Has anyone else had the same disappointment of destroying their screen yet and had it repaired? if so how much did it cost?


I hope this made some of you laugh! :face-with-stuck-out-tongue-and-winking-eye: any information greatly appreciated, also I am based in the UK.

Dropped my phone and broke the screen 😢 Tried to book doorstep repair through Samsung support but it says they don't repair this phone yet! How can they release a phone that they cannot fix? I have also struggled to get a rough estimate from Samsung regarding a repair. Kept telling me it would need assessing first before a quote. The phone is fine apart from the cracked front screen.... That's the assessment. Does anyone know how much it would be for the front screen to be repaired as I cannot get an estimate anywhere. So frustrating 🤬🤬
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Trouble is its such a newly released phone that they may not have many screens available to use for repairs. I'm assuming here.


Have you considered a Samsung Experience Store or Samsung Service Centre  who can take a look. 



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