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A poor audio quality on video recording when recording with Note 20 Ultra 5G and using internal microphones on Pro mode video.

(Topic created on: 12/03/21 16:15)
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Galaxy Note20 Series

I have experienced a poor audio audio quality in videos recorded with Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra 5G (model nro: SM-N986B/DS), bought as new in Finland during the summer 2020.

I am not sure if the poor sound quality was an original phenomenon in this phone, or did it develep during my time of using the phone, and is it a unwanted result of some third party app that I have installed, or is it caused by some settings in the phone that I could change if I knew what to look for.

I've had the phone from august 2020 and had no other issues with it. The sound quality the phone produces when I am listening any other sources but my own video recordings with the phone is superb, so are my phone call hearing and microphone sound qualities ok.

The bad sound quality of my video recordings when using phone's own internal microphones sounds like there is somekind of "slight echo" that 'blurs' and makes somekind of slight 'wavy' effect to the overall video sound. This doesn't bother too much if I record anything else but live music, especially acoustic music, and especially classical music.

I think I have found one way around this issue and it is using a good external usb microphone like Zoom H1. Although to be true, I think I can even then hear a tiny bit of this unwanted wavy quality in the overall videorecording sound.

I have used only Samsung's own camera app and in it tried various video recording settings. I have used the Pro video -mode mostly and tried all the various microphone settings in it, but those won't make the wavy sound 'effect' go away.

Has anyone else experienced this kind of issue? Do you think this is the normal standard quality of this phone model?

What should I do to try to fix this problem?