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Samsung Pass Query

(Topic created on: 08-12-2020 12:45 AM)
I used to be able to manually input a password to get into my saved passwords etc & I have facial recognition enabled.
But now when I try to access my Samsung pass it allows the password to be put in then takes me to the finger print request, I used to be able to press back once & it would take me to my info, now it doesn't & I cant use fingerprints since I bought the phone on release due to having a full wrap case that sold saying it would work when it doesn't.
I know there's been an update to "improve" the sensitivity of the sensor, but it still doesn't work.
I was quite happy entering my password, but now can't access information at all. Even the OTE that took me to a Microsoft site didn't do anything other then take me the fingerprint screen.
Even if I was to try & pry the phone out of the rather difficult to remove case then scan the fingerprints in it still wouldn't work once the case was back on.

Is there anyway to get back into my all my sign in info on this phone now? Or am I basically getting frozen out of a £1,000+ phone due to not being able to use my finger tip?

For me having previous Notes, that had the scan button below the screen [4] or the scanner on the back [8] I find these 2 phones had a much better option for unlocking your phone then the newer ones do.

Using the phone without a a full wrap case is not an option as I do drop them frequently due to hand pain.

screen shots are below