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Samsung Gallery OneDrive issues

(Topic created on: 04/09/20 09:28)
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Galaxy Note10 Series

I have noticed something peculiar with the Samsung Gallery onedrive sync option on my Note 10+ Whenever I take a picture, the sync works 100%, but recently (possibly after some update), the synced picture immediately has a cloud on it.


This means that, Samsung gallery has deleted the picture on the phone and kept only the cloud copy. This is odd, because the default should be the cloud+device icon. As soon as I edit the picture it then displays a cloud+device icon. It should only goto the cloud icon, when i select the free device storage option.


But now it just syncs the recently taken video or picture and makes it cloud only by default. So, then I thought maybe this is only a display issue and the physical picture is on the device. I used another gallery app, and that app could not display the cloud only images.


I also, put the phone on airplane mode, and tried editing the cloud only image, and I got back the message that gallery could not connect to onedrive.


Has anyone else experienced this issue? Or any troubleshooting steps I can try? Its annoying because I want the images on my phone, until I choose to delete them!

Galaxy Note10 Series

Did you resolve this? 

Have you looked at settings? 

There's an "free up phone space" which would cause this to happen, do you have that selected? 

Mine are syncing to onedrive AND saving to phone, I don't have that option selected.