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Onedrive does not sync albums properly

(Topic created on: 12/04/21 13:12)
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Hj everyone...


Good afternoon...


I've recently decided to make a try on the onedrive X Samsung gallery integration.


I've created some albums in my Samsung gallery and selected those ones to be synced by onedrive. However, when I check the one drive app, it doesn't sync the albums as defined in the gallery.

Seems that it copies all photos from the albums I've selected, and put them in a single directory (or at least visualization) on onedrive app. 


Is that really how it works? Will I have to manually create the album again on onedrive app?



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Galaxy Note10 Series
When I done it on my phone the same happened, and I still have not got around to sorting them out. I think onedrive has certain tick boxes of how to sync things over
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Superuser I
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Hi @jmscaramal 


I also gave OneDrive a go and felt like it didn't sync as seamlessly as Samsung Cloud did.

Also I kept getting a preparing message in my status bar which makes me feel it's not as optimised as Samsung Cloud either.

Personally I ended up signing out of OneDrive and now use Dropbox instead.

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Hi all.. Thanks for sharing your experiences...

Yeahhh... I'm familiarized with Dropbox and it indeed works much better than onedrive.

I decided to give onedrive a try mostly due to the office 365 signature... 

But I think that after all the way to go will be moving to Dropbox as well. I've searched for this subject a lot already on the internet and saw that most of the time people moved to a different cloud app (Dropbox mostly)... Seems that the album feature is not there and that onedrive has constant sync issues... 

In my case for instance, I've realized that it only sync the folder when I go to the gallery menu and press the 'sync now' button, which is annoying... Even after selecting a specific album / folder on Samsung gallery to sync, it won't sync until I press sync now.


Anyway, thanks again for sharing your experiences so far 

Galaxy Note10 Series
I had similar issues at the start. To solve the issue, I moved all pictures out of the folder on my pc and then organised them how I wanted them into folders. Synced in gallery app while folder was empty and then once synced moved them back on PC and synced again. Not had any issues since. I think the initial setup can lead to complications, but the above solved my problem.