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One UI 3.0 problem choosing SIM when making call

(Topic created on: 12-02-2021 08:50 AM)
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Galaxy Note10 Series

Anyone else having problem with dual sim and choosing witch sim to make the call with?

I have a work and a private sim card and normaly the work SIM is default.

And when i want to make a private call, i look up the contact and longpress on "call" to change to private sim.

But the problem is that most of the times nothing happens when i longpress "call" and when i relese the button it will make the call with work sim.

This happens most of the times, and it is most anoying.

Is this a known problem?

Note 10 +

One UI 3.0

Android 11


First Poster
Galaxy Note10 Series
yeah me too you can set the sim card manager to ask which sim to use but not on messages you need to do three dots and change sim at the bottom. it's a pain in the ass