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Note10+ Screen Cracked by Itself!

(Topic created on: 04/02/20 18:41)
Galaxy Note10 Series

My new Note10+ cracked on its own sitting upright on a table while I was watching TV.  I was shocked when I picked it up and saw the damage.   Just below the power button the cracks go gol the same at across the screen.  When I checked around the web I see that others have had the same issue and it happened in the exact same place.   I sent it in..  Samsung sees cracks and automatically it's deemed physical damage.  They won't cover it.  I got a bill for $400.  A phone I've never scratched let alone dropped bumped or crushed.   I called FutureTel back (Samsung Canada repair) and they claim their internal team are investigating the issue.  We all know they're not going to acknowledge this.  Very unfair. I paid $2000 for the phone.. now I have to pay $400 for a faulty screen.  

Superuser I
Superuser I
Galaxy Note10 Series

Yes I've seen recent posts here on this forum and on other forums in connection to similar owners experiences.


I've no idea how this is occurring on some peoples phones and not with others @ChrisNunn 


Some think it's a manufacturing defect on done phones or due to the curved edges on the screen.


I've had my Note 10+ 5G since launch date with no issues.


The problem is being absent prove the damage occurred from a defect and not accidental.


I live in the UK and as such have Home Contents Insurance covering my phone to which I would have to pay a small excess fee to get a new phone.


Obviously insurances are at a persons own choice.


Please let us know if you hear anything new from the internal team you mentioned.



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