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Note 10 plus region services

(Topic created on: 11/11/19 06:32)
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Galaxy Note10 Series

I bought this phone in Korea and transported here in Canada, where I currently live with Canadian SIM, but when I try using some services such as Samsung members, pay or pass, my phone is locked in Korea and some of the services I can't use because of it (the SIM doesn't match the phone's country). Is there a way to change the phone's country or a way to solve this issue?

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Superuser I
Galaxy Note10 Series

I had the same problem when contemplating importing a Samsung Note Fe into my country which is the UK @Sungpoon 


Samsung Pay won't work as it has the other countries firmware etc on it which can't be got around via any change of settings in the phone.


It wasn't meant to be used permanently in another country.


You could look into a Custom Rom by going to the xdadevelopers website.


But be very careful and learn about what to do if issues then arise.


Disclaimer 》


A person uses a Custom Rom at their own informed choice being aware that the procedure could leave the phone with stability issues and in some extreme cases unusable. 



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