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If task changer has moved to home up

(Topic created on: 03-05-2021 12:28 PM)
Galaxy Note10 Series
Why is there still a task changer sub app in goodlock when it has moved to home up it is rely annoying have a task changer icon that does not work as you have to got to home up to use task changer,  this needs removing,  also I'm seriously not happy after doing my Ui3.1 update on my Galaxy Note10 5g 512 memory,  I was hoping for the object eraser on photo editor but found this has not appeared after the updated firmware to find on the galaxy apps description object eraser in the labs menu is only for select phones due to memory and performance reasons , I just feel this is ABSOLUTELY RUBBISH and all it is is to make people buy the latest model like the note 20 and S20 phones , my phone is more than capable of having the option OBJECT ERASER,  I will look forward to hearing from a Samsung Operative to can share their interests !!!!!