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Contacts unassigned in Note10+

(Topic created on: 21-07-2020 05:32 AM)
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Hi, I have been saving my contacts to a google address for some time, there are 850 of them. This google address was somehow set up as a "business" so the phone keeps wanting me to get approval of the administration etc - drives me spare - so last night i deleted that address from my phone to fix it, thinking this morning i will restart it and be careful to NOT assign it as a "work" address.

Well - bad move!

All of my contacts are now "unassigned" and only have a phone number listed as a skype connection - so if I click on them it opens skype.

When any of my 850 contacts call me, I do not know who they are.


My fault i know - but how do i undo this? I restored to previously saved profile from a few days ago but didnt help. I have downloaded the Google Contacts App thinking it might give me more flexibility to change the skype addresses, it doesnt.


Hopefully someone has made the same mistake and has fixed it??