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Wide Angle Pro mode

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I love the Galaxy Note 10+ cameras, but I hate that in Pro mode there is only control for the main camera, without any possibilities for the other two cameras. Would it be possible in the near future to be able to change cameras in Pro mode and be able to obtain RAW / DNG files with the Super Wide Angle, Wide Angle and Telephoto?
Thank you!


Is there any way to use wide lens with pro mode?

Not at this time, we can only hope for an update.

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Yes... This is my main complain about this phone also. 


Raw support for the wide angle lens with pro control. 


I want to make a long exposure with low iso and DNG control with this phone. And i cant.


Thank you for this Samsung, you are almost there.

I mean, that's the thing. And as far as I know, all three sensors are the same, so it would take just a software update to add DNG support for Wide Angle and x2 Zoom.
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I'm second to that. It's "REALLY" annoying to have DNG/RAW support for the main camera only. Please Samsung, add the DNG/RAW support for all the cameras.
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S10 have the same problem. Unless this is resolved, i will continue to use my S7 edge. Alternatively, will get a Huawei P30 pro as they allows raw in all 3 cameras if my S7 edge spoils

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Add me to the list of folks who would really appreciate this... "fix".

I would not call this an added "feature" because it simply does not make sense why it wasn't implemented in the 1st place :winking-face:

Same here... I often use pro-mode and it is a shame to not have ultra-wide available in this mode.

It just makes no sense at all.


Samsung softwares sucks donkey balls to be honest... They work on new features (that will not work either) and forget to update their own apps. So huge difference compared with other brands esp. iOS. 

I learnt upon time to not expect anything from their softwares update, this phone is no exception but sometimes soon i'll probably get tired of it.


Before advertizing new features for the next mobiles, FIX already the base of your own softwares for people who paid premium for this.

Maybe they will fix this with Android 10 :hand-with-index-and-middle-fingers-crossed:

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