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Note10+ Dual Sim toggle

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Hi There!


I've been using the dua sim capability un my Note 10+ to have both my personal and company number in one device. Even I find this extremely convenient, I would love to have a quick switch to enable/disable dual sim in order to 100% disconnect during my leisure time. 


Is there any native functionality or a third-party widget to do this? It will be awesome if it could do the same for dual messenger.

Does Samsung have a Work Mode as the LG Thin Q line up has?

Thanks for any help!


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Go to..... Settings... Connections... SIM Card Manager... Choose which SIM card to turn off or on


Settings - 1 click

Connections - 1 click

Sim Card manager - 1 click

SIM2 - 1 click

Enable - 1 click

Back - 1 click

Preffered SIM Card - 1 click

Always ask - 1 click


Total: 8 click every morning that I must apply when enabling SIM2 (work card) and setting to always ask when new call is made (because it won't remember).


So there is room for improvement. SIM enabling/disabling should be in Quick Panel shortcuts and "Preffered SIM for calls" setting should remember state. 


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