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Note 10 plus OFFICIAL screen protector


Can anyone confirm if I am able to buy official replacement screen protectors for the Note 10 plus in the UK? There are none on the Samsung Online Store ( only for the S10 plus which also came with one pre installed ) and apparently none in the Experience Stores. 

The one that is pre installed will need replacing at some point and I would be interested to continue having the genuine Samsung one.

So far, Samsung UK have not provided a clear answer to this. 


Thank you! 

Current phone : Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ 5G 512GB

Hi any update to getting another OEM protector fitted?

My screen needs one similarly, effecting the finger sensor now...

Online chat was useless.

I don't want to risk smashing the screen now I have to remove the protector, else I'll have to repair it under warranty...hey perhaps the EOM replacement screen will include another protector?   Lol...thats an idea no?

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