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Note 10 plus making random beeping noise

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So it started yesterday and still doing it today. 

I read in many of last year topics and many ppl had same issue and looks like it was the NFC, not in this case.

Yesterday was so bad that I had to factory reset phone (lost everything but that's a different topic) after factory reset it still keeps going. I have turn off all notifications, uninstall apps and still keeps going.

Plz someone have any clues what's going on or how to fix it?

Also the beeping sound is not even my notification sound that it's by default after reset.




found the problem!


for me one of the app even though the notifications are blocked it was alerting me with a weird beep (which was not included in the ringtones or the beep notification tones by samsung).so i had to enable the was the news app.alerting invisibly with the alerts or headlines


for me it was khaleej times app.which was invisibly alerting eventhough notifications were blocked.

Yes that's it! Thanks for the tip, i deleted Khaleej Times last night, it's been a day without this annoying sound. Worked for me, thumbs up!
Correct...i tried this and deleted Khaleej this beeping has stopped from 24 hours

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Ive just deleted the KT app so hope this resolves the problem. Was driving me crazy......thanks guys 


How did you find which app was doing that?  There's an A51 that was purchased new a week ago and just started doing this and we can't figure it out.  


try enabling all will get the same beeps and check which app is misbehaving like that.i tried unistalling a lot of apps but didnt help later went with this method.hope it will help you.


Thanks  man just deleted my app. Finger crossed!


For my S10 also have same issue.

i unistalled KT app and so far last 12 hours no beep sound. 


Yes your are right .. culprit was Khaleej Times app...thank you very much for your suggestion otherwise i would have done factory reset of phone...saved my 2 days of work

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