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Note 10+ 5G - Dual-SIM (or hybrid SIM) feature is an absolute mess


Today I received my much anticipated Note 10+ 5G which I ordered about 15 days ago and was counting the days for it to arrive. Only thing is that when I opened it, it turned out not to correspond to what I had wanted nor expected.


I've been an avid loyal Samsung customer since they released their Galaxy S2, some years ago, and a Galaxy Note user since the Note 2. The only thing is that for many years now, I have been buying the dual-SIM variant of their phones (even back in the days when I could only have it through import) as this has proved to be the most efficient way to keep both my professional and personnal numbers in the same phone.


As I was about to place my order for the Note10+ 5G, I looked closely at the stated product information, where it clearly stated:
"Hybrid SIM keeps you connected and expands your storage
With the Galaxy Note10 and Note10+, you can insert a microSD card for more storage, or swap it out to a second SIM card for dual SIM capability — making you twice as connected with one device" - without an Asterix or footnote indicating any exemption from that rule. (


Yet despite that, I got on the Online Chat "expert" line to be absolutely sure before I place my order, as to me this is a deal-breaker. To my surprise the Agent indicated initially that only a few variants of the phone were dual-SIM, but not including the 5G, but did not sound sure. Upon my persistence, he went back and forth on this information, and eventually conceeded that the 5G was indeed hybrid (after checking with his supervisor). Being still doubful, I took it upon myself to go to the Samsung shop and check with their experts in the shop. Again, the assistant initially said no, with some doubts, then went and checked with their in-house so called expert and then came bak with a different wild story where he confirmed that the phone was indeed dual-SIM but with one SIM as nano SIM and the other being an e-SIM (don't ask)


Foolishly, I took him at his word and went ahead and placed my order.


In the time I was waiting to have the phone delivered, I have heard all sorts of story and kept contacting Samsung online chat support (2 with their direct support department and 1 from Note10 support line), and everytime the same thing, where initially they would give a story, then change it by the time we get to the end of the discussion, always concluding that the phone was a dual-SIM.


Today, as soon as I received the phone, I opened it, and opened the SIM slot, only to find out that it was a single SIM slot + 1 Micro-SD slot. You can imagine how disappointed and agry I was. I got immediately on the phone to Samsung. After being thrown around different departments, I ended up with an agent who clearly had no clue nor knowedge about the phone, and she kept going back and forth asking her supervisor (believe it or not, she actually asked me to take a picture of the phone and send it to them to show them what is wrong with it - which has absolutely nothing to do with a dual-SIM feature). After such long waits of getting nowhere, I put the phone down out of sheer frustration and then got on the online support chat where I requested a call back.


Eventually, when I was contacted by an agent who sounded partly knowledgeable, she confirmed that many other customers who have been expecting a dual-SIM phone have also been disappointed and made a complaint, and that they (Samsung) were unsure about what happened, as they were also expecting these devices to be dual-SIM. She further added that they contacted their UK representative (it seems that the call centre is based outside the UK) to check what has happened and call back within 24 hours. She said so, without wanting to even confirm whether the Note 10+ 5G has a dual-SIM variant, but only said: "they are investigating the issue".


Not sure what is going to happen in the next 24 hours, but suffice to say that this whole process has been an absolute nightmare so far. Samsung, you truly messed up

I'm equally the same expected a dual sim variant since I'm moving from Note9 not happy I've paid more for a phone that has lost this feature. Come on Samsung you make us not have the extras like other countries do and now shop phones that lost the biggest feature dual sim part. Keep us updated Chacho!
Technically this breaks the trades description act so if someone high up in Samsung can get this sorted. We won't be the only people complaining
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Hi @Chacho 


When I was looking at purchasing the Samsung Note 10+ 5G I also noticed the info about the Dual Sim Hybrid status.


In the product description you link to which is the same as in was looking at as you state it says 


With the Galaxy Note10 and Note10+, you can insert a microSD card for more storage, or swap it out to a second SIM card for dual SIM capability — making you twice as connected with one device. 


As it clearly does not list the Galaxy Note 10+ 5G  as Dual Sim that instigated some further investigation before I pulled the trigger.


Coming from a Note 9 that is dual sim it would have been nice to have another dual sim, although not a deal breaker for me.


The info I went on was info from the Samsung UK Twitter Team and from the specs page from samsung here >

Official Spec Sheet.Official Spec Sheet.


Samsung Twitter Team Tweet to me.Samsung Twitter Team Tweet to me.





Like you i also asked the Samsung Team member in my local Samsung Experience Store.


If this is a deal breaker for you then you may have to return the phone under any relevant cooling off period and go for the Samsung Note 10+ without the 5G model. I appreciate that means giving up one feature for another. A compromise. 


However the phone will never run dual sim.


Samsung may / may not bring out a dual Hybrid Duos model.







Current Phone ~

Samsung Note 20 Ultra 5G SM-9820 _256Gb SnapDragon 865+

Samsung One Ui 2.5/ Android 10.


Thanks Dude.


Like I mentioned before, I had so many conflicting responses depending on who was available on the day, from all Samsung staff. The last one I got from the online webchat with Samsung on 14/8, was the following:


14:14:21The Galaxy Note 10+ 5G has the same features as the Galaxy Note 10+ with the addition of 5G capability and a 1TB storage option.

14:14:41Dual SIM cards and MicroSD card options: 1 x 5G SIM card + 1 x MicroSD card 1 x 4G SIM card + 1 x MicroSD card 2 x 4G SIM cards


from a guy called Jonathan. So to clarify I did ask him afterwards, does this mean that the Note10+ 5G would work on any combination of the above. He asserted that it will, and that is what makes me so cross. 


While I'm aware that I could potentially exchange the device for another variant with a Dual-SIM capability, what makes me most upset is the fact that I have waited so long to have the device, and if I do exchange it now, I'm going fall back behind a large log of back orders - so another endless wait.


Samsung, you have no idea how ticked off I am

Chacho joined the club wife ia furious as well. And latest update (been on phone all afternoon with Samsung/very) the note 10 plus 4g 512gb is not dual sim either. Also if u look at note 10 plus 5g it now has preorder 19th september. Samsung tech told us one reason not dual, is cause having problems at the moment with frequency EE uses for 5g. Not impressed with samsung one bit and I have now gone off note series. (Had one from note 1.) But did not release note 5 in uk, note 7 due to lack of testing became a joke and now this fiscao of left hand dont know what right hand doing.

Screenshot_20190822-201241_Samsung Internet.jpg

That's for note 4g versions not 5g version which is where the problem is.
I spent 2 hours, spoke to 3 managers and all had conflicting information. I had the same issue as you guys. They couldn't even swap my device to the 10+ from the 10+5G because it was on the upgrade programme.

How on earth do they get away with it?
Cause you do not use your consumer rights under finance agreement and distance selling reg to send it back.
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