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Bizarre storage problem showing more than it has.

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Hi everyone, I want to address an issue where I literally don't know whats wrong. As you can see it clearly says that videos are 90gb and photos are 17gb which is true cause I marked and saw their actual sizes and this is right. But If you go to advanced it says that videos and photos are 186gb which is totally contradictory. Now my space is full but it doesn't matched to any logic whatsoever....there are some like 60gb existing out of nowhere for some reason. Now I want to say something that I have witnessed and its strange for sure. I move movies and stuff like that from the note into a USB stick so I can then plug the USB to the TV and watch it. Now when I move the video files from the phone to the USB, when I finish moving the video files my storage capacity still shows the same in my note, but the video doesn't exist in the phone anymore, its in the USB stick, so how is it possible for the phone to show the same amount of storage occupied when I clearly moved the video files to the USB stick and are no longer on the phone ? 

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samsungs apps take up a lot of space, mine is exactly the same without having music or anything to lengthy on there. all of the built in apps are a lot of storage for sure, but I myself have never worked out how it is so full
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Check if you have linked any cloud storage accounts to your my files program under settings. This is maybe why its showing far more storage capacity than your phone has.
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The photo you provided only shows the size of the total amount of all your files not where they are all located. Im going to guess you have a 100GB Onedrive linked or some other Cloud account and the pie chart shows what type of files you have and the total of a certain type. Hope this helps
I have almost 5 gb of music that is on my sd card... so it is no longer on the phone... much easier to access, you should move all your pics there and give your phone a new life
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