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Apps suddenly closing (minimize) while typing

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Hey everyone, 

I've been using my Note 10+ for two months now. 

I don't remember it being like this in the beginning but sometimes while I'm typing something - doesn't matter in which app; it can be whatsapp, twitter, instagram, and so on - the app suddenly closes and takes me to the main screen.


Like i wrote in the title, the app minimizes and it keeps running in the background.

It does not crash; i dont get any error messages. 

It's just annoying how im typing something and suddenly im in the main screen. 


In the beginning i thought i keep touching the "back" button while im typing but i made sure i wasnt doing that and the app still minimizes...


Is there anyone that has experienced something similar? 

If so, could you share any solution to this?




omg me too so annoying,only had the s20 plus about 2 weeks,dont remember this with the s10
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I have this strange issue too.

Swipe-to-text disabled.


Galaxy S20, Android 10, One UI 2.5


Now it's even more sensitive with the OneUi 2.5, it minimizes my screen with one hand operation when trying to swipe down the YouTube small view tab... 

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Is there any solution? It keeps happening, and it is so anoying

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