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Samsung Calendar Stickers

(Topic created on: 19-02-2023 10:32 AM)
First Poster

I love having the option to add stickers to my calendar.

I pick a corresponding sticker for the occasion that I need to remember so when I look at my calendar, they make it so much easier to see what's coming up. I don't have to go through and read the details. I just automatically see the little image and I know exactly what it's for. I used to be really bad about forgetting important dates and appointments and now, thanks to the stickers, I don't have that problem anymore.

They have a wonderful selection of free sticker downloads. I have paid for a few because I wanted certain themes and I couldn't find something similar that was free. 

I only have two complaints.

  • One is that I wish the stickers were useable in other Samsung apps like messaging, the photo gallery and Galaxy Notes, especially if it is some that I have purchased. 
  • The other is that I wish the design of the selection menu was easier to navigate. Maybe easier isn't the word. It's already easy but I don't like having to go through each individual group at a time. I would like the option to view all of my stickers together from one menu. It's so annoying trying tell what's where when they are only labeled by tiny icons lined up on the selection bar.