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S Pen

(Topic created on: 08-10-2021 06:10 PM)
Galaxy note

Hello There, I own a Note 10+, while the S Pen writes perfectly on screen. I can't seem to get the S Pen connected to use the air commands. Sometimes it shows connected battery 100% for about a second or two then back to disconnected. Does this mean I need to purchase a replacement S pen?
1. On Removing the S Pen. the Spen Menu comes up with Disconnected for the pen status
2. Advanced features in Settings
3. S Pen
Options are as follows :-
S Pen unlock on
Screen off memo on
quick create notes on
Air view on
show pointer when hovering on
Show air command icon on
Open Air Command with pen button on
When S Pen is removed (Open Air Command)
Warn is S Pen is left behind On
Sounds & Vibrations on.
Click Air Actions On status Disconnected
4. click 3 dots
5. Reset Pen Phone says Insert pen into the phone which then says Connecting to your S Pen... > Couldn't connect to your S Pen (Retry)
6. Hit Retry > Can't connect to your S Pen (Get help fixing this) Phone says Connecting to your S Pen... (Get Help fixing this)
7. Back button
8. Press three dots
9. Scan for S Pen Window Pops up S Pen Pro Press and hold the connection button on your S Pen for 3 seconds until LED starts blinking.
10. Well I took the S Pen out and pressed the button on the S Pen but no luck. Don't think my S Pen has an LED
11. Stick the S Pen Back in the phone, phone says Connecting...
then says Available 100% after 3 secs says Disconnected then Connecting ...Screenshot_20211001-121608_Air_command[1].jpgScreenshot_20211001-121946_Air_command[1].jpgScreenshot_20211001-121951_Air_command[1].jpg

First Poster

It's happen to me,same as first poster.did what as first poster mention.same s pen disconnect 

First Poster

Having same issue.  Anyone have a fix? 

First Poster

Same exact thing happens to my Note10+ 5G. I hope this gets fixed soon. I noticed the picture of the S Pen Pro is different from the S Pen that came with my device. I suspect the issue stems from a bug from the most recent software update.

First Poster

I've been having the same issue for 2 weeks now. At first I thought it was a network connection issue because I was out of there country. But I've return and I'm still have this issue. 

Galaxy note

Hello There What I found was my issue was that I used a phone case that was good to hold the phone in the car and it had a powerful magnet. That magnetic field from the magnet I strongly believe interfered with the coil on the S-Pen.  I changed the case and bought a new S-Pen and no problems since. So I would say if you have strong magnets aroung your S-Pen beware!!