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Round 2

(Topic created on: 25-05-2021 09:32 PM)
Well had wee fix it again today took my phone or it through diagnostics and he showed me my battery was still at 93% health but was showing a problem with voltage saying it was low I asked what that ment he said basically the battery want reached the right voltage to make the battery realise how to use the battery properly and there was a fault with my charging port. So he changed the battery and the charging port that should hopefully sort out the battery drain (wee will see though). Next he said the thing with calls and txt are showing up as the network and that it showed it connected when trying to call but there network rejected it to basically connect hence why it wasn't working so back in to three I go. Also he said that with most phoned u out Ur soon in it automatically adjusts the apn to the correct settings but with Samsung u need to manually all them to send them to accept them otherwise could cause the problem. The guy from wee fix was really nice and explained everything at last can say got someone that understood what they where taking about for the first time. So I'm hoping that this will worry out the battery time frame and blue to try and get into three to c what can be done about this the wee got stayed that I could contact Samsung with my reference number to request a sheet detailing also the problem that came up during the test and says I will have evidence if three try to shift the blame back to Samsung.
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It's good to hear your getting some resolution with this.

Just out of being nosey who are the repair house your using ?

Are they an authorised Samsung Repair Centre  @Julie84  ?

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Yeah there the door step repair people wee fix through Samsung.