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Phone numbers mixed

(Topic created on: 27-02-2023 04:58 PM)
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My text messages were showing the phone number of the sim card rather than the one I had transferred over.  Phone provider said new sim should solve it and sent me a new one Friday.

My son and I have a family google account. The new sim has now transferred his number to my phone so the 'about' shows his number and I'm getting his phone calls and if I ring someone it shows his number.  If I call my number it goes to voicemail which I don't know how to access and not sure if I am getting all my texts or not.

Phone provider says it could be the phone as tried rebooting without sim and hasn't updated number.  They say my old number has transferred successfully but my phone is still receiving and sending as my son's number and my son's phone now he can't text or ring anyone.  This new sim has now messed up both our phones.

Any ideas.  Is this the phone provider or Samsung as phone provider said to contact samsung.  Could it be because the google account was in my name and I had my son's phone as a 'family' one that I was supervising.

I am at a loss and need this sorted asap. Already gone 4 days without my number working and need it up and running.

Thanks in advance for your help.

Samsung Members Star ★
This is a network provider issues, numbers are controlled by the sim card

Numbers are mapped to the emei numbers

I don't know what the family Google account is, but shouldnt affect you phone

Who is your carrier?